Commercial Fire Alarm Testing

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems are required to be tested and maintained according to NFPA standards.  This is usually done on annual basis however some Systems may require semi-annual or even quarterly inspections depending on the use group and occupancy type of the building.

We use a scheduled maintenance software program that tracks when all of our customers are due and automatically prints out a service ticket when the System is due for it’s inspection.  So you will never have to worry about when it’s due or if it was forgotten.

We will notify you that your inspection is due and when we arrive we carry all of the most common fire alarm parts with us so if something is found to be non functional or in need of replacement we can do it on the spot saving you time and money.

The responsibility for having these Systems tested falls upon the building owner.  There are many cities and towns that won’t renew a businesses liquor license or certificate of occupancy with out the proper documentation that their Fire Alarm System has been inspected and is in normal working condition.

Let Emergency Signal Systems take care of all of your Fire Alarm Testing needs.