Residential Fire Alarms

Every second counts when protecting your home from fire.  One mistake could be the difference between life and death.

Emergency Signal Systems monitored fire alarm systems utilize the latest technologies in both hard wire and wireless systems.

Imagine the damage caused by a fire if no one is home?  Traditional local sounding smoke detectors will wake you up and allow you to call proper authorities if you are home, however, if you are not home chances are the first call from a neighbor will be too late.

With Emergency Signal Systems monitored smoke, heat, Carbon Monoxide detectors you can trust that our 24 hour monitoring service will contact your local fire department long before your neighbor even knows what is going on.

When was the last time your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors were inspected or replaced?
Residential smoke detectors and fire alarms are required to be tested at least every other year and replaced per manufacturers’ instructions in the state of Massachusetts. Most manufacturers¬†recommend replacement of Smoke Detectors every 10 years and replacement of Carbon Monoxide Detectors every 6 years.